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Email Marketing pt. 2: How to Design your Campaign

Here we are going to talk about some different programs that we use to design our email marketing campaigns.

When designing a campaign, we love Mailchimp. There is a reason. We have experimented with other platforms, and we do love some that we recently found, which we will talk about later, but Mailchimp is a great first start.

The reason why we like it is it’s clarity of design, ease of use, and the reports it provides are good. It’s not the best, there are better platforms that provide more detailed reports, or have better ability to segment lists etc. However when you compare them all, and the price, the most easy to use, the one that covers most of the required functions, one of the better ones in our opinion is Mailchimp.

When you are designing your campaign, it’s important to pick an end goal. Are you trying to push your readers to click a link to your website to see more information, or do you want them to see a new product that you have just launched. Do you want to remind them of a specific event? . Pick an end goal and work towards that.

Build your email towards encouraging a specific action that can make a direct impact on your business and can be trackable. For example, using the email to explain a new product, then having a button to click for more information, that sends the user to a landing page with an order form. This way you can look at the total amount of people that received the email, how many clicked on the link, and how many actually went through with the purchase. These statistics are valuable when you are comparing how one campaign worked compared to another.

You can go further, offer a deal only available to your email subscribers. These are the customers that are willing to hear your message, so make it a valuable one, preferably something that puts money directly back into the customers pockets, or gives them something unique that only subscribers receive.

This covers the basics. We will keep delving deeper and deeper into email marketing and how to connect it to your social media marketing efforts in future posts. For now, feel free to leave us comments or get in touch!


Best of Luck,

HMS Communications Team.