One World One Village


HMS Communications would like to thank you. Because of you, our client’s, our staff, our contractor’s and all of those people that have helped to make our company a success – we are able to launch the One World One Village project today.

As this page is being written, on January 14, 2012, HMS Communications is currently celebrating our 2 year anniversary. We feel very humbled by the experience of growing a company in this economy and we would like to sincerely thank all of those individuals that helped to keep us around! HMS Communications hires a wide range of talented staff throughout Ottawa, North America and various regions throughout the world. Some of these regions face tremendous economic and political instability, but our staff and contractors supersede those obstacles to work long hours to provide our clients with the best service possible.

We as a company have instituted as one of our founding principles that every year we will make an effort to give back to this wonderful world in which we live. Although we are still a small company with a modest budget, and each year we will see many ups and downs financially, we hope to always be able to give a percentage of our annual profits to specific causes – to specific individuals – in specific regions of the world regardless of the economic factors that we as a company may face.

These projects are selected based on our core values which include: Assisting in the facilitation of Education with a specific focus on girls’ education, economic and educational empowerment through technology and the utilization of alternative energy in transportation and technology. We would like to invite you to celebrate along with us on this wonderful occasion by learning about these organizations, the great work that they are doing, and how you too can support them.

Thank you Hussein

Through the Educational Sponsorship program with Roshan Community and Aschiana, to date HMS Communications has sponsored 4 girls and one boy between the ages of 14-17 currently living in Kabul Afghanistan. Each child and their guardian is required to sign the following agreement in return for a stipend to cover housing, food, and educational costs for 1 year.

Through the Gift of Light program developed by Roshan Community, HMS Communications was able to donate 3 models of solar powered mobile phone chargers and LED lights, 90 in total.

Types of Lanterns

Ultra-affordable solar powered lantern great for studying for young people with big dreams.

360-degree highly-efficient LED light allows families to cook, work, and study especially after dark. This replaces Kerosene lanterns that are commonly used throughout Afghanistan, these produce harmful toxins that can be inhaled.

The lights are made by d light. The light is an international consumer products company which serves people without access to reliable electricity. To learn more about d light, click here.

While our list is small – we hope to continue to grow the list of organizations, projects, and people that are assisted through the One World One Village project.

We would also like to offer our sincerest thanks to Roshan and the Roshan Community Department

We are thankful to you for the effort that has gone into developing these programs and it gives us great happiness to support them. We also look with inspiration to your organization, as well as others such as Google Inc., that have taken initiatives to give back to this world in a real manner.

Donated 30 Chargers

This Dual purpose solar powered lantern and mobile phone charger allows for an LED light that is ten times brighter and safer than the commonly used kerosene lamp. In addition this lantern can provide power to a mobile phone.

In 2013 we supported Activspaces ( Cameroon by volunteering our time to help this tech hub with business development assistance. This was achieved through assisting in creating a formal structure for the incubator to review and analyze applications, a specific ‘bootcamp’ to teach specific aspects of business development and search engine optimization.

We support the Old Strathcona Youth Society in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This support helped to provide information and referrals to high risk and street attached youths. Provided art and music opportunities, one hot meal per week, outreach workers from partnering agencies to assist with addictions, mental health issues, community health nurses, youth empowerment and support services. Established in 1998, we are happy to support such a great local organization.