At HMS Communications, we help your organization to find a voice online, target your audience, capture them and bring them to your door.

Website Development

UX/UI and Website design services

We are not your typical website development company. We started as a Search Engine Optimization firm, so developing websites that can be easily found on search engines is at the core of all of our website development projects. We help you build carefully crafted content and help the rest of the world recognize it. Bringing targeted traffic to your website can fundamentally change your business. If your website cannot be found online, then there is no point to it.

Search Engine Optimization

An SEO marketing strategy built around your product or service

We get you found online. That is what it breaks down to. We do this by first listening and working with your team to identify your main products that sell well and have the most margins. Then we look to the search engines to tell us what the world typed in last month on major search engines. We use those tools to identify keywords that have a significant amount of traffic and that relate to the products or services that you sell.

Mobile Application Development

A mobile application development company because a mobile-first approach has never been more important.

Today being able to interact with your customers on a mobile device is important, it can help retain your customers and can provide you with more targeted information to make better products to suit their needs. We work with your team to assess what types of mobile functionality could help your organization to work better and more efficiently.


A social media consultant dedicated to the launch of your social media strategy

Often if you only have a limited presence on social media, you are missing out on conversations about your industry or even sometimes about your company. We can help. We help you by first understanding what are the goals you hope to achieve for your organization online in general, then specifically from social media.


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