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The Social Media Starter Kit

If you are just starting out and want to set up a simple routine to kick-off your company’s social media domination, then we have 3 tools that you need to check out before you start.

We use these tools everyday and we are more productive and efficient people because of these types of tools. They allow us to spend more time on strategy, rather than setting up the actual work.

That’s the first reason why we decided to write this article. If these tools help us be better at what we do and run a more efficient business than it’s worth sharing with anyone who may either be starting out or looking for a new way to streamline their work.

The second reason comes from how much we appreciate these products. If you and I can use them everyday it is because great people keep them working everyday, so we would like to give them a shout-out and thank them for making their products available to us.

There is a long list of tools we use – or have used – in the service of our clients and for our own communication. However, for this starter kit we divided the list into categories and chose a winner for each one.

Category: Analytics
Winner: Native Tools


We work mostly with Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and all of them offer their own insights or analytics. We don’t often rely on third party apps to tell us what’s happening on these platforms, they do a pretty good job at that themselves.

Category: Productivity
Winner: Buffer

On top of being compatible with the platforms we use the most on our digital daily routing, it offers a few simple and yet very useful features. The feature we use, and love, most is scheduling. And it’s on their free plan. YES!

We have also used Hootsuite before and have found it to be a fantastic tool but, as a remote company, we relate to buffer and are big fans of their culture so we thought we’d show them some love.

Category: Creativity
Winner: Canva


It doesn’t replace a designer, not by a long shot, but sometimes you are left all alone without the aid of photoshop and just need a quick and helpful tool you can use on your phone that’ll help give your work a little boost. Canva is a great weapon to have at your disposal – both on your phone and computer.

Those are our winners. Let us know who – or what – would win each category for you. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Yours truly,